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Personalizing Your Blog With It's Own Domain Name

Nettica Makes It Easy

Creating a blog is fun and easy. There are many free services out there that let you to do it. But now you're ready for the next step - giving your blog it's own domain name. You may ask yourself, why would I do that? How can I do that? and of course, why do I need Nettica?

First, let me say, we use blogs ourselves. In fact, our weblog is available at We use blogger, but any bloging service will do just fine. Why give it it's own domain name? The answer: discoverability. It's easier to remember your own domain name than some of those very complex blog names. Not only is it easier for humans, but also easier for search engines to find. After all, you want people to find and read what you write, don't you?

How do I give it a domain name? Simple, buy one. We do domain registrations, but if you want to buy it some somewhere else, please feel free. But what you do need is our Full DNS Service. Why choose Nettica? Whether you are fully hosted by the free service or you host it yourself, our DNS service can accommodate your needs. Our Full DNS Service gives you all the features you need.

Method One: URL Redirection

The simplest way to give your blog it's own name is to use Nettica's URL Forwarding to redirect people to the right location. Simply create forward record pointing to the correct URL and you're set.

Method Two: CNAME Redirection

The next easiest way is to go with a blog hosting company that support redirections using a CNAME alias. A typical setup might look something like this:


Blogger also supports CNAME redirections now. To customize your blogger site to use its own domain you would create these entries:


Complete the rest of the setup in the Blogger Publishing Settings.

Nettica also supports giving TypePad sites their own domain name. To configure a site for TypePad, you would create entries similar to this:


With TypePad there are several alternative methods, contact support if you have any problems.

Nettica supports any hosting service that allows CNAME redirections. This list is not complete. When looking at the different alternatives, be sure to see what kind of domain mapping options are available.

Method Three: Hosting It Yourself

When you host a blog yourself, you still let the service update your website for you, usually over FTP. To do it you'll need to be running and web server and a FTP server. You'll also need to configure the FTP server to point to the root of your web server. You should also create a user specifically for the blogging service that only has access to the one location--your website. This is for the real do-it-yourselfers out there. It takes some work, but it's not impossible. The hard part is setting up your machine; the easier part is configuring your DNS.

Manage DNS:

If you need to know your IP address, visit If you're hosting the site somewhere else (like a webhosting service) you'll still want to use our DNS service because it has many additional features you just don't get with many webhosting services. For example, you can configure "" with the IP address of your home machine, and then connect to it from anywhere (see Setting up Remote Desktop for the Internet ). Play music, transfer files, there's a lot you can do.


You have your domain name, you've got your blog going, so what's next? How about email? Our simplest service is email forwarding, which will forward email from to Or, our fully hosted mail service may be what you're looking for. It works will all popular email clients, and includes anti-spam, anti-virus, and webmail. It takes just a few minutes to add the service to your domain.


The real reason to choose Nettica - outstanding support. As all of our customers know, we go the extra mile for you. We provide the best service and support you will find. We do not fool around with "trouble tickets". You're not a number to us. We respond to all questions with personal service from people who know what they're doing.

So there you have it, all you need to know to give your blog it's own domain name. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Chat with us online, or send email to Support.

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