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Bulk DNS Services for 50 domains/year $50.00

We provide the most comprehensive set of bulk DNS services on the market. Our bulk services allow you to manage multiple domains cheaply and efficiently. For just $50.00 you can manage primary or secondary DNS service for up to 50 domains, making the service as little as one dollar per domain. Primary service gives you full reign to use any or all of our DNS servers, while secondary service allows you to use your own master server in combination with our secondary servers. After purchasing the service you will be able to add primary or secondary service for a domain to your account as needed up to your limit. We have flexible purchasing options that allow you to purchase blocks of up to 1,000 domains at a time.

With our bulk DNS service you have only one expiration date for all your domains. Additional blocks can be prorated to this date, or you can establish a new one. Renewals can be done in a similiar fashion. We offer the most flexible purchase and renewal options available with our bulk DNS service, allowing you to manage both your domains and your expenses effectively.

Key Features


Our bulk DNS services give you the ability to setup templates for creating and managing your domains. Creating a template is quick and easy. In addition to creating your domain based on a standard configuration, you can still modify your domains on an individual basis, allowing complete customization of any domain. Any additional records for a particular domain that do not match a template entry will remain unchanged if you reapply a template.


Groups allow you to organize your domains. Do you have a different configuration for each of your servers? Customers? You can define different groups any way you like: online/offline status, per server configurations, per customer, etc. You can make as many groups as you need to stay organized.


We also provides a Bulk DNS Web Services API for programmatically managing your bulk DNS. Capabilities include the ability to create zones, delete zones, and add, update and delete DNS resource records. We even have a reference platform available to assist you in your implementation.


When you delete DNS service for a domain using bulk services, your account is credited. You don't just lose it. If you are a small web development company with clients coming and going, you can delete old clients and add new ones, allowing you to completely control your service and expenses.


Our search is a real timesaver, allowing you to search for records across all of your domains, and make edits directly to the search results. In addition, you can do global replacements (for example, if you switch the IP address of one of your servers). We give you the tools you need to manage your business.

To learn more about how easy it is to use our bulk DNS service, check out our brief tutorial on setting up and managing your domains using it.

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