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Android Email Setup Instructions

Click on the email icon on your Android device. You will see the screen below. If you already have email configured, go to settings and click on "Add Account".

Fill in the form and then click "Manual setup"

The type of account you are creating is a POP3 account.

Tap on POP3 Account to continue

Next, configure the incoming server settings, as demonstrated below.

Note that your Username is your full email address. You will need to add it as the wizard will leave of the domain name. You'll also need to update the incoming mail server from to Tap "Next" to continue.

For the outgoing server settings, set security to none and use port 25. If your ISP blocks port 25, try the filled in value of 587 (with SSL any certificate), or 2500 (no security).

Your SMTP server does require sign-in. Check the box. Luckily this time everything should be populated correctly. Tap "Next" to continue.

Tap "Next" to continue the configuration.

Tap "Done" to complete the configuration.


At this point your Android email should work perfectly. However, if you do have some problems, here are some troubleshooting screenshots of an Android device after you have completed the setup wizard.

Tap on settings

Tap on the account having problems. Note that the incoming and outgoing server settings are the bottom two options.

Verify your incoming server settings look similar to above.

Verify your outgoing server settings are similar to above. If you are having problems sending email on port 25 (your ISP may be blocking it), try port 2500.