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OS X AppleMail Email Setup Instructions

Launch AppleMail and click on File->Add Account...

Enter your name, email address, and password, click Continue.

Your incoming mail server is mail + your domain name, as demonstrated above. If you would like to use SSL, enter for the incoming mail server.

Click "Connect".  Use to avoid this pop-up.

Enter the Outgoing Mail Server as mail + your domain name.

Be sure to enter your username and password.

Enter for the mail server to use SSL.

Click "Connect".  Use to avoid this pop-up.

Click "Create" to add the account.


This is an example of the proper configuration for your POP account information. To review your settings, click on Mail->Preferences... then click on Accounts

If you are having problems sending email, click on the Outgoing Mail Server dropdown box above and choose "Edit Server List".

Ensure your settings are similar to above. If your ISP is blocking port 25, try a custom port of 2525 or 2500.

Remember to save your changes if you had to make any.