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Domain Registrations

What kinds of domain names can I register through Nettica?

Once I register a domain, how long does it take before I can start using it?

Domain Transfers

How do I transfer a domain to Nettica? How long does it take?

My transfer has completed, but I see my old website, what's wrong?

I can get a domain cheaper somewhere else, why should I register through Nettica?

I want to transfer my domain away to a new provider. How do I do that?

What kinds of domain names can I register through Nettica?

We currently support .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO and .BIZ domain names. You can expect us to support additional top-level domains (TLDs) and country-code domains(ccTLDs) in the future.

Our DNS services support all TLDs and just about every ccTLD.

Once I register a domain, how long does it take before I can start using it?

For a new domain registration it can take as little as 15 minutes to process. Typically it takes from 2-24 hours before your domain registration becomes available.

How do I transfer a domain to Nettica? How long does it take?

Before you begin your transfer, please go to your current registrar and verify the following:

  • The email address of the WHOIS administrative contact is correct. Transfer confirmation email is sent to this address so it must be correct. If you are using a privacy service for the administrative contact, we recommend you turn it off before starting the transfer.
  • You have obtained the "AuthCode" from the current registrar. This is sometimes referred to as the "EPP Code", "Domain Secret", or similar. A transfer cannot complete successfully without having this code.
  • The domain is unlocked. The domain transfer will fail if the domain is locked. This is the most common reason for a transfer to fail.
  • The domain is more than 60 days old (this includes renewals).

By following these steps your domain transfer will go smoothly. Our Global WHOIS tool is very helpful in determining the lock state and contact information for your domain.

Once you have made sure your information is correct, go ahead and purchase the transfer from Nettica. Shortly after this, you will receive an email requesting confirmation of the transfer request (at the email address in your whois record). Click on the approval link (or copy and paste it into your browser) to confirm the transfer.

Once you confirm the transfer, the domain registrar will have five days to transfer the domain. This is also where they will fail the transfer if the domain is locked, etc. If we have to resubmit the transfer because it was locked (or any other reason), you will need to re-confirm it. Note that you do not need us to resubmit the transfer, you can do this yourself from our control panel, as well as verify the current status of the transfer.

Finally, after 5 business days your domain will be transferred. Please note that when you transfer a domain your DNS servers are not automatically updated to Nettica's. This is because you may have service with a provider other than your registrar. If you're using your registrar's services, we recommend changing to our DNS servers before accepting the domain transfer, as they cannot be changed while a transfer is in progress.

It can take up to 5-7 days to successfully transfer a domain. Most of this time depends on how fast you respond to the transfer request emails. If you have any problems along the way, please do not hesitate to contact support.

My transfer has completed, but I see my old website, what's wrong?

When transfering a transfer completes, you may need to update your name servers to use our service. They are not automatically changed during the transfer to allow you to make a smooth transition. To set your name servers, login to your Nettica account, click on Domains, then click on your domain name. From the domain management page you'll see the current name servers for your domain. Click "Set to Nettica" to use our servers, and save your changes.

I can get a domain cheaper somewhere else. Why should I register my domain through Nettica?

Sure, you can register your domain somewhere else for less, but what kind of service are you getting?  Does it include free DNS? Are you going to be able to transfer the domain away from them? Is hosting required? Is there a setup fee?

Not at Nettica. We get plenty of customers who register with other companies and have to FAX them to make a change to their domain registration. We offer you the all the tools you need to manage your domains successfully. If you can find a better deal on domain registration, take it. If they do not give you the service you deserve, we'll be happy to assist you with any or all of our services.

I want to transfer my domain to a new registrar. How do I do that?

To transfer away you will need your AuthCode / EPP Code. Login to your Nettica account, click on the domain, and then click on Domains. From the domain management page, click on "Retrieve" next to the AuthCode field. Copy and paste the code where needed. Please ensure there are no leading or trailing spaces. AuthCodes are also case sensitive. The domain must also be unlocked and privacy disabled to transfer it. You'll find checkboxes for handling that on the same management page.

Please note that new domains cannot be transferred for 60 days, per ICANN policy.

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