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New Domains

1. To configure a new domain, you would first purchase the domain here.

After making the purchase, you'll be taken back to your account summary and you will see the domain listed.

Squarespace: Manage DNS

2. Click on the manage dns button (highlighted above) to take you to the DNS management page for the domain.

DNS management page

3. The DNS for newly registered domains start out pointing to our parked pages. To point your domain to Squarespace, click on the presets button.

Squarespace 5 preset

4. Next, select the appropriate Squarespace website from the list. Nettica supports both Squarespace five and six websites. Check the box next the appropriate site. Click submit to apply the settings to your domain.

DNS for Squarespace 5

5. This completes configuration of new domains for Squarespace at Nettica. The next step is to login to your Squarespace account and complete the domain mapping.

Domain Transfers

Transferring your domain to Nettica begins here. After purchasing and confirming the transfer it can take up to 5 days to complete the transfer. Once a transfer completes, you will receive an email from us letting you know the transfer has completed successfully. When transfering domains, we do not automatically change the name servers to Nettica. This allows you to make a smooth transition.

Once you've received the transfer completion email, login to your Nettica account. You will see your domain in the summary.

1. Click on the domain management button.

Domain Management

2. On the domain management page you may notice your domain is still using the previous provider's name servers. If this is the case, click on the set to nettica button.

Previous provider's name servers

3. Save your changes.

Set to Nettica

Your domain has now been reconfigured to use Nettica name servers.

Name servers configured for Nettica

Note that is can take up to 24 hours for name server changes to fully propagate the Internet, so if you do not changes immediately, please be patient. If you have not already done so, you should now configure the DNS for the domain to point to your Squarespace website using our presets feature as described above.

If you have any problems with configuring your domain to use Squarespace, please do not hesitate to contact Nettica Support for assistance.