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Front-End Email Services

Front-end email service is for customers who run their own email server. More than just backup MX service, with front-end service you can use our servers to front-end your own email server, filtering out spam and viruses. In addition, we can deliver your email on non-standard ports, servers not specificed in the MX records, and much more.

  • Anti-virus and anti-spam filtering on incoming email
  • Per-domain blacklist and whitelist management
  • Fault tolerant real-time delivery. Email delivered as received, or queued if destination mail server is unavailable.
  • Service for entire domain, not per email address. Specify user hints to cut down on unnecessary spam traffic
  • Mail queue of 100MB (upgradeable), 50MB attachment size
  • Advanced Queue management features allow you to delete items, purge, or force delivery of queued email.
  • Can forward mail to non-standard SMTP ports if port 25 is blocked.
  • Specify destination mail server explicitly (preferred), or automatically configures itself based on MX records.

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