About Nettica

Nettica VPN Services is an always on, zero trust solution for connecting and collaborating. We offer a control panel allowing for easy configuration and management of your VPN. We have tailored Nettica to the needs of remote workers and their requirements. With remote management capabilities and templated configurations, we offer a solution that is easy to use and support.

Nettica is a self-funded enterprise. As such, we are beholden to no one. By using our services you are supporting a real startup.

Alan Graham

Chief Executive Officer

Alan has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of software development. He has spent half his career in startups, and the other half working with global technology companies. Alan’s first startup, also named Nettica, was a domain registrar, DNS provider and email service provider. It was successfully purchased by Dyn, which was later acquired by Oracle. Alan has been a gold star recipient at Microsoft, as well as a DNS and cloud architect for Oracle. Alan’s second foray with Nettica is to provide a control plane for managing new and existing WireGuard™ installations.