About Nettica

Since 2004, our mission has been to bring everyone secure, private, and performant infrastructure. Your privacy and security matter to us. We use the latest technologies such as WireGuard and OAuth2 to provide a secure environment to collaborate with friends, employees, contractors, and partners. With WireGuard we provide near-line-rate performance that is unmatched by other protocols. Our easy-to-use control panel and agent allow for easy configuration and management of your virtual networks. We are the obvious choice for next-generation networking services. Whether you’re a remote worker connecting to the office, or a cloud architect looking to connect your various cloud resources, we provide a high-performance, secure solution that is easy to use and support.

A lot of thought has gone into our pricing. We provide more value with our free service than many provide with their paid services. But as your needs grow, we’ll be there for you. You can even self-host your own Nettica services. And we’re not going to bait and switch you with a sweetheart deal and then hit you with huge renewal costs. That doesn’t mean our pricing won’t change, but if it does, it will apply to everyone equally.

In addition, Nettica is an independent self-funded enterprise. As such, we are beholden to no one. By using our services you are supporting an independent, 100% open source startup. We are not bound to a specific cloud provider; we work with all of them. Our reviews aren’t made by companies that own us. We have no backstories involving the CIA or military intelligence. Our quality of service and commitment to customers is world-renowned. Get connected today!