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Relay Service

Relay service allows all machines in a network to connect regardless of whether or not they are behind a NAT, double NAT, carrier-grade NAT, or sitting in a coffee house. All traffic for the network’s subnet is relayed through this secure service endpoint. In general, pick a location geographically close to you when selecting a location for a relay. By default the Relay service is a split tunnel, so only packets directed toward your private subnet are routed through the relay. Relay service also supports subnet routing, allowing you to access your entire network.

Tunnel Service

Tunnel Service, also known as a VPN gateway, provides you with an endpoint in the specified region. The network is configured to direct all traffic through this endpoint, masking your true location and giving you the appearance of being in the given region. It is one of the core features users expect from a VPN service.

Multi-hop Tunnel Service

We have significantly increased our security and anonymity posture with the addition of a multi-hop tunnel service. This service provides you with entrance and exit points on our network. For example, you can ingress your traffic in Paris, France, and egress, or exit the traffic, at any of our other locations, such as Tokyo Japan. This in combination with payment in crypto takes it to the next level.


Not to brag, but our performance cannot be beaten. In region transfer rates of over 100 Mbps are normal. What does that mean? Our superior design gives us an advantage. It is one of the reasons we decided to offer this service. You will find that you can stream content at the highest resolution (4K+) with no issues. Free VMs with cloud providers often come with severe restrictions on bandwidth, making our tunnel services the right choice when performance and privacy matter.

DNS Service

For tunnel service to work properly it is imperative to use a global DNS provider. We let you choose from the following providers:

  • Google DNS
  • Cloudflare DNS
  • OpenDNS by Cisco
  • Quad9 DNS (privacy)

You can also create a network and specify any DNS servers you’d like, but be aware that some DNS servers you think are global providers are not. For example, your ISP’s DNS servers will not respond to queries from Amsterdam.


Service is $5/month for a single relay/tunnel when billed monthly. Get two months free with a yearly purchase! You can also purchase services using cryptocurrencies. Switch between locations as often as desired by deleting and re-creating the service elsewhere. Other plans offer more tunnels, users, and devices based on your needs. Multi-hop tunnel service requires a Premium or Professional subscription.


These are just our first ten sixteen twenty locations. We’re just getting started. Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to provide you with a nearby location.


With Nettica’s Relay and Tunnel service, each subscriber gets a container in the specified region exclusively for forwarding their traffic. Users can share that connection through their network. For example, a basic Relay user can invite others in their account to share the connection. A premium user can invite five users and create relay or tunnel services in up to five locations.

We use the Nettica Agent for managing the service hosts. They poll for their configuration regularly, making it both scalable and easy to manage.

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