From: $15.00

Premium Service offers additional features like multi-hop tunnel services for enhanced anonymity. Great for small groups or families

$15.00 / month
$150.00 / year


  • Enhanced Features: The Premium service offers a range of additional features and benefits compared to our basic plans. With Premium, you can enjoy multi-hop tunnel services, which provide secure anonymity. You also get more networks, up to 5 relays/tunnels, and support for up to 10 networks, 5 users, and 25 devices.
  • Advanced Security: Premium includes NAT traversal, UPnP port forwarding and IP sync, and role-based access control. These features enhance the security of your connections and provide you with more control over your network.
  • FailSafe and Subnet Routing: Premium includes Nettica FailSafe, which ensures continuity even during unexpected situations. In addition, you can benefit from subnet routing, allowing you to access and control your entire network more conveniently.
  • API Access and DNS Services: With Premium, you have access to our API, enabling you to integrate our services into your own applications and systems. You also get DNS services, which can enhance your overall network performance.
  • Easy configuration with the Nettica Admin. Easily turn on and off the service when you need to, even remotely.

To learn more visit our Relay & Tunnel Services Overview.

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