Adding a Device Manually to Nettica VPN Service

Adding the Device

This tutorial applies to both Windows and Linux machines, although typically Linux as Windows includes a desktop GUI. It is geared towards those familiar with the command line. Our Getting Started Guide is a good resource for how you would typically add a device from the device itself.

To begin, login to the Nettica Admin and click on the “Devices” tab and then click “Add Device”:

Fill in a friendly name for the device, and click “Submit”.

Configuring the Agent

You’re now ready to install the Linux agent. Visit and follow the instructions. For RPM-based Linux distributions, visit

In the Nettica Admin, click on the device you just created, and click Copy in the right-hand pane:

This copies the configuration text to your clipboard. As you will see, it is a curl command. Paste this into the terminal you are using to configure the server. If everything goes correctly you will see some JSON as the response, and the device is now ready. Congratulations!