Buying Service with Crypto

We now accept payment in crypto for all our paid plans! Your crypto subscription comes with flexible terms. You can purchase the service monthly, yearly, or anything in between. We’ve partnered with to bring you this crypto-based subscription service.

Solana Crypto


  • A cryptocurrency wallet supporting the Solana network. We recommend Phantom Wallet
  • USDC (on the Solana network) and SOL
  • An account with us


If this is your first purchase with a cryptocurrency, plan ahead. It can take up to a week to fund your wallet! While it may seem trivial looking to purchase crypto, there’s a better chance your credit card will be locked for fraud than successfully completing a purchase. Perhaps those outside the United States have better luck. We recommend funding your wallet using a debit card on MoonPay, or using Coinbase. The Phantom Wallet gives you the option of purchasing crypto with MoonPay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

No. We accept USDC on the Solana network.

Why don’t I get a discount for a yearly purchase like I do with a credit card?

With crypto payments, you can specify the length of the service. If you want 5 months of service, you can specify it. Our monthly customers that keep our service for a year also don’t get a discount. It’s a fair trade-off.

The value of Solana has gone up dramatically since I bought my subscription. Do I still pay the same amount each month?

No, you will pay the cost of the service in dollars each month. The same is true if it goes down.

Where do I go on your website to purchase with crypto?

From our homepage click on the service you’d like to buy. You’ll see a button for purchasing with crypto.

Does my service automatically renew?

No, but you will receive renewal reminders towards the end of the service contract.