Using Nettica VPN Service with Android

We are 100% compatible with the official WireGuard client for Android. Install the client from Google Play. It is so easy.

Next, log in to the Nettica Admin using your Android device using Chrome, and click on the three vertical dots on the top right-hand of your screen. Then click “Install App”:

Install Nettica App on Android

You’ll be prompted again to install the app, click “Install”:

Confirm Install

The app will install either onto your home screen or your app drawer, depending on the preferences you have set for your device. The app drawer is the three vertical lines (“|||”). Click on the Nettica icon to launch the application. You will likely need to re-authenticate. You’ll then land on the main page:

Launch Nettica App

Click the “Devices” tab, then click “Add Device” to add your Android device. Fill in the form as desired:

Add New Device

Name your Android device and click Submit. Next, click on the blue plus sign (“+”) next to your newly created android device, and fill in the form to add your device to the network.

Device Successfully Added

After adding the Android device, click the blue plus sign to add it to a VPN:

Add device to VPN

Click “Submit”, then navigate to the newly created VPN and tap on it. In the right-hand pane, click “Download” to download the configuration.

Download Configuration File

This should download the config file to your device as a zip file.

Now open the WireGuard app, and click on the blue icon to add a new tunnel.

Launch WireGuard

Select the zip file you just downloaded and import it.

Import the Configuration File
Select the Configuration File
Enable the WireGuard VPN

Congratulations! You can now use your Nettica VPN with your Android device! Pretty easy, huh?