Install Nettica Agent for Windows

Windows 10™, Windows 11™, and Windows Server 2022™.

Install Nettica Agent 3.1.0 for Windows (64-bit Intel/AMD processors)


7/15/20243.1.0Added and exposed logging controls (default – no logging, error, info, debug)
7/6/20243.0.0Multi-server Support: Connect to and manage multiple servers simultaneously, with independent authentication for each.
Automatic Updates: Stay up-to-date with integrated automatic updates for Windows. There is no change in behavior for Linux automatic updates.
6/25/20242.8.0Simplified things. Please upgrade!
6/21/20242.7.0Cross-site authentication for “In the Wild”; recommended update.
5/13/20242.6.0EZ-Code! The fastest and easiest way to configure your VPN
5/11/20242.5.0Added FailSafe automated connectivity recovery
Automatically update VPNs based on changes to local IP and subnets
2/10/20242.4.0Universal login support for Google Workspaces
1/18/20242.3.0Universal login support for Microsoft Entra ID, Okta/Auth0, Basic Auth
1/9/20242.2.0Added IMDSv2 metadata support for AWS, Azure, and Oracle
9/27/20232.1.0Window notifications when VPNs change state
7/21/20232.0.0Initial commit


  • Automatic Updates
  • Multi-Server Support: connect to and manage multiple servers, each with its own authentication
  • Location awareness: Automatically updates your VPN when location changes (eg, home/work)
  • Nettica FailSafe: Automatically disable misbehaving remote host VPNs
  • Microsoft Entra ID and Google Workspaces support for enterprise customers
  • Add your devices to your networks
  • DNS microservice resolves hosts as you specify
  • See DNS queries being sent by your computer
  • Visualize your network
  • Connect to your hosts via Remote Desktop or SSH
  • Install Windows Terminal for the best experience